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At Lora&Moi, we travel the globe in search of skilled and understated artisans, to showcase their invaluable craftsmanship and their inspiring stories.

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Flower of Life jewelry

The Flower of Life Jewelry

The Flower of Life isn't just a simple design!
It's a powerful symbol that brings harmony to the body and spirit, making it perfect for a session of yoga or meditation.

Tree of Life Jewelry

The Tree of Life Jewelry

The Tree of Life represents a connection between earth and sky, a symbol of growth and awakening.
It's often worn as a good luck charm - not just for its beauty, but also for the positive vibes it radiates. Cool, right 🙂.

Pregnancy Necklace

The Pregnancy Necklace

Have you ever heard a soft chime sound? That's the melodious tone of a pregnancy bola necklace.
This piece of jewelry stimulates the baby, strengthening the connection between mother and child, all while adding a touch of elegance and grace to every moment of maternity.

Orlando & Laura
Laura (Lora) & Orlando(Moi)


After 10 years in the jewelry world, a burning desire grew within us: to establish a store that showcases workshops with exceptional craftsmanship and unrecognized creators who perform wonders behind the scenes.

Far from large industrial factories, we collaborate with artisan workshops where each piece of jewelry carries a history and expertise honed over years of dedication and hard work.

Behind every piece, there's a story we're delighted to share with you.

Feminine Elegance

Men's Jewelry


In our men's jewelry collection, you will find:

➭ Ultra-durable bracelets made of leather, steel, and natural stones. Their backstory? A brand convinced that a bracelet should be both elegant and as sturdy as a rock.

➭ Oxidized silver bracelets, handcrafted in a workshop nestled in the hills of Tuscany, Italy.

➭Wooden watches, born from the passion of a watchmaker from the Tyrolean Alps. He chose wood to express his love for watches and nature.

We are driven by a mission: to traverse trails in search of hidden workshops where jewelry imbued with history and meaning comes to life.

In an age of globalization and industrialization that tends to overshadow artisanal craftsmanship, we stand like David against Goliath, championing dedicated artisans and bringing them into the spotlight.

Jewelry made to last
You offer creations designed to last for many years.
And if they happen to break, no worries! We'll get them fixed up 😉.
A genuine relationship
As true Jurassians from Switzerland, we cherish every encounter. Need some advice or have a concern?
Contact us! You'll either get me or Laura (either way, it'll be our pleasure to help 😊).

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