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The pregnancy necklace

the pregnancy necklace

The pregnancy necklace is a jewel much appreciated by future moms.

This jewel both useful and very trendy accompanies the mom and her baby throughout the pregnancy by emitting a soft soothing and reassuring tinkling.

The pregnancy pendant comes to rest delicately on the belly of the futur mother, as close as possible to the little one in order to weave a link with him.

For you or to give as a gift, the bola necklace is a beautiful pregnancy attention that will allow for unique and intimate communication with the baby.

gold pregnancy bola
in yellow gold ➭
silver pregnancy bola
in sterling silver ➭
pink gold pregnancy bola
in pink gold ➭

pregnancy necklaces with chain

Discover our selection of pregnancy necklaces that come with a delicate chain in silver, yellow gold or rose.

Each chain measures 110 cm and has adjustable rings that allow you to adjust them so that the ball always falls perfectly on the mom-to-be's belly at every stage of her pregnancy.

pregnancy necklaces with chain
pregnancy necklaces with cord

pregnancy necklaces with cord

A subtle blend of pregnancy necklace and pretty silk cords delicately finished with soft, elegant tassels.

The cords measure 130 cm and are easily adjustable so they fall snugly in the middle of mom-to-be's belly.

Yellow gold pregnancy necklaces

Discover our assortment of 18K gold plated silver pregnancy necklace. 

Pink gold Pregnancy necklace

Discover our assortment of 18K rose gold plated bola necklace. 

silver pregnancy necklaces

Discover our assortment of silver pregnancy necklace.

flower of life pregnancy necklaces

The flower of life pregnancy necklaces are a harmonious blend between the strength of the flower of life and the elegance of the bola, it is a pregnancy jewelry filled with good energy.

Pregnancy necklace with interchangeable sound ball

This pregnancy necklace features an all 925 silver cage into which you can insert a sound ball in the color of your choice.

Each color has its own meaning. Choose it your according to your favorite color or your desires.

Cuddly toys for pregnancy bola

These soft toys have been specially designed to insert a bola so that the little one can continue to hear this reassuring sound after birth. 

The plushies are equipped with a safety system that avoids any risks for the baby.

How to use the pregnancy cuddly toy

Learn more about the pregnancy necklace

What are pregnancy necklaces?

This handcrafted pregnancy jewelry comes to us straight from Indonesia and is specially designed for pregnant women.

It is also found in Latin American culture and more specifically in Mexico.

The idea of the pregnancy bola is to have a pendant that comes to rest on the belly of the future mother and that the baby can hear. Inside it are small beads that when they clink together emit a soft sound that soothes the unborn baby.

In Indonesian culture, the bell necklace is given to the futur mother as a symbol of good luck and protection. The pendant serves as a talisman and protects the baby before birth and during infancy.

In Mexico, it is seen as a piece of jewelry that connects the child to its guardian angel. The light tinkle emitted by the harmony ball calls to his guardian angel who protects him from negative spirits and ensures the smooth running of the pregnancy.

In both cultures, this jewelry is very appreciated and is an original gift, very trendy with a beautiful symbolism. Nowadays, this pregnancy necklace has become a real fashion accessory that moms love.

What benefits does it bring?

In Indonesia during pregnancy, the future mom gently roll the bola on their womb to emit a gentle sound for the fetus to hear in utero which strengthens the bond between her and their child.

The baby recognizes the tinkling of the bola worn daily by the future mother, which soothese, reassure and calms him.

To ensure its benefits, the pendant should be worn with a long, adjustable chain so that it rests securely in the middle of the future mother belly and so that the unborn baby can hear it well.

What benefits does it bring?

When should I start wearing my necklace?

The bola is worn from the beginning of pregnancy and accompanies the future mother and her baby during the 9 months of motherhood.

However, it is only between the 14th and 28th week of pregnancy that the baby's inner ear develops and that he is able to recognize the different sounds heard in everyday life.

The pregnancy necklace is also worn in the months following the birth.

When mom moves, the baby recognizes the soft sound that lulled him before he was born. This delicate, familiar tinkling soothes the baby at bedtime, diaper change and breastfeeding.

How to wear the pregnancy necklace?

The pregnancy bola is worn with a long chain or a 90 to 110 cm cord so that it reaches the middle of the belly at the navel.

It is important that the length of the chain is adjustable so that the jewelry stays in the middle of the belly throughout the pregnancy which allows it to be adjusted over the weeks and months.

The chains that are sold with the bola necklace on our store are all adjustable.

How to use the pregnancy necklace

to create a bond with the unborn child
What Can I do with the bola after pregnancy?

What Can I do with the bola after pregnancy?

As baby grows, some moms sew the sound ball inside the comforter or hang it from the little one's stroller so that he or she can continue to hear that reassuring sound.

You can also use the sound ball to soothe baby while breastfeeding or to put him or her to sleep. However, you must be careful that the harmony ball is not within reach of the baby to prevent him from putting it in his mouth.

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