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Admit it, you were looking for a great deal, weren't you? A little discount that just makes your day? 😊

But let me share a secret with you...

… At Lora&Moi, each piece of jewelry is the fruit of years of dedication and the passion of a creative workshop.

That's why we offer you fair prices all year round.

We prioritize a relationship of trust, based on transparency and product knowledge.

Inflate our prices just to then flood you with endless promotions? That's simply not our philosophy.

And it would be a lack of respect towards you and for the precious work of the creative workshops...

But don't worry, we still love to pamper you!

Beyond the usual discounts, we offer:

▶️ Unique surprises thanks to our exceptional partnerships.

▶️ Unexpected vouchers to brighten your day.

▶️ Exclusive events for our loyal members.

Yeah, but don't you ever really have sales?

We do offer them occasionally. But there's always a genuine reason behind it, whether it's a stock clearance, a production hiccup, or a special event...


Not sure what to choose? Here are some inspirations that might help you 😀

Ladies first (a bit of courtesy)!

If you're looking for meaningful, esoteric jewelry, you'll love our Tree of Life and Flower of Life jewelry pieces.

They are very popular, as they carry more than just decorative value. They convey a message, well-being, depth (Laura loves them especially).

And what about other inspirations?

There are many more jewelry pieces!

And for the men?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you!

Leather bracelets for adventurers:

For gentlemen who want to combine resilience and elegance, our leather bracelets are perfect for all your adventures.

It's simple! The workshop that makes them has committed to producing bracelets that are up to the challenges of everyday life!

The Hour of Nature:

And if you're more into watches, you can turn to our wooden watches, brought to life in a mountain region between Austria and Italy.

All this, without cutting down a single tree, they give new life to wood waste (cool, right)?

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