Wooden Watches for Men

Wooden watch for men

Wooden watch for men

The wooden watch is a trendy accessory for men that stands out for its elegance, authenticity and noble materials.

It's an ideal everyday companion that brings a masculine, unique and stylish touch to any look.

If you're looking for a gift that's authentic, stylish and durable, the men's wooden watch is a great choice.

No trees are specifically cut down for the manufacture of the watches; the wood comes from the recovery of the high-end furniture industry.

Each watch is made in small series by hand in a workshop in the Italian mountains of South Tyrol.

What also makes the watches special is that each one is unique and will never look like any other! The reason?

All materials used, whether wood or natural stone, have their own look and history!

Wooden watches Quartz

Choose a beautiful watch with a quartz movement. This type of watch tells you the time with unbeatable precision and requires very little maintenance.

Also discover solar watches that use light to recharge their battery or the chronograph movements that can time the time between two events.

Automatic wooden watches

Come and discover the famous wooden watches with an automatic movement.

Automatic and mechanical movements are highly appreciated by watch lovers particularly for their elegance and complexity.

You will find watches with a visible skeleton movement like RALF, semi-visible like ROBIN or the very elegant and prized like ROBERTO or RAUL.

All watches are equipped with Japanese Miyota movements reputed for their quality and reliability over time.

Wooden solar watches

If you're looking for a watch with an authentic, solid design that has style, the solar watch is perfect.

They are made of noble wood and stainless steel, blue, gray, black or brown brushed with vintage effect. If you want to give a gift that stands out from the crowd, this is a great idea.

These are great green alternatives, as their batteries don't need to be changed regularly, they continually recharge with sunlight.

The watches are equipped with high quality Epson solar movements.

Wooden solar watches
Wood and stone watches

Wood and stone watches

These watches are a bold combination of nature's elements such as wood and marble.

If you want to wear a watch with a youngand trendy design, ideal for any occasion, these are for you.

The stones that decorate the dials of the watches are made of marble and granite from Tyrol, which is the place of manufacture.

Each stone has its own veining and shape, giving each watch a unique and different identity.

High quality wooden watches

Rafael mechanical watch

315.00 CHF

Wooden Solar Watch Moritz

209.00 CHF

Christiano walnut wood watch

139.00 CHF

Frequently Asked Questions

Each watch is made from recycled wood scraps from the high-end furniture industry. No trees are cut down in order to make the men's watches. In addition, the wood used to make the watches carries the FSC label, which certifies that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests to preserve the environment.

No, wooden watches for men are not waterproof. Wood is a material that can be damaged by contact with water. However, they are resistant to splashes, such as sweat and raindrops. However, we advise you to remove the watches before washing your hands, going to bed or swimming and avoid contact with water as much as possible.

When you purchase a watch from our store, we offer free strap adjustment.

If you want to adjust it yourself, we'll slip a detailed how-to into the package.

The watches are assembled by hand in a small workshop in the Italian mountains of South Tyrol.

In 2012, a woodworker wanted to bring together his passion for wood and watches by making his first wooden watch from simple scraps. The Italian design coupled with wood immediately appealed and Laimer has been a big hit ever since.

Yes, of course, you have 14 days to return your item.

Yes, just let us know when you place your order and we will be happy to package it for you with care 😊.