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Tree of life jewelry

The Tree Of Life Jewelry

The Tree of Life jewelry is a trendy piece of jewelry, but it is also a very powerful symbol.

A true good luck charm, it is said that the sacred geometric shape of the Tree of Life emits good energies and vibrations.

Worn as an elegant and delicate piece of jewelry, for example, in Tree of Life pendants, it has a revitalizing effect on the body and mind and is a bringer of love, luck, protection and good health.If you are looking for an authentic gift, the Tree of Life is the perfect choice.

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Tree of life necklaces

The tree of life necklace is very appreciated by the women, in addition to giving off good vibes, it is ideal to wear everyday.

it is available in gray, yellow gold or rose gold, you can also find it with beautiful fine stones.

Tree of Life Bracelets

Discover our assortment of tree of life bracelets for women. An ideal jewelry in all circumstances.

Tree of life earrings

A wide selection of earrings are available to you.

Choose a beautiful pair of dangling earrings with a simple and elegant design or choose stud earrings embellished with beautiful stones.

tree of life pendants

With a beautiful engraving, stones or simple, the tree of life pendant comes in many forms.

Tree Of Life Jewelry With Stones

A delicate combination with the power of the tree of life and the power and beauty of natural stones.

Each stone has its unique virtues and benefits and represents an element of nature.

Jewelry with animals

Tree of life pendants With Animals

Animal lover's favorite jewelry. Each tree of life pendant is accompanied by an animal at its feet.

The tree represents immortality and wisdom, the animal represents the unconditional love.

This medal symbolizes the strong bond that can exist between an animal and a person.

Tree of life ring

Tree of life ring

This beautiful Tree of Life ring is entirely handcrafted in Italy.

Its delicate and unique design adds a touch of finesse to any dress code.

Learn more about the tree of life

The tree of life, a majestic and meaningful tree

The Tree of Life is characterized by its long roots that reach deep into the earth and its large branches that rise high into the sky to create a perfect balance between the world of earth and sky and thus represents the power of life and its origins.

Emblematic of eternity, this majestic tree is intimately connected to every Being and to nature. It is a spiritual symbol endowed with great power and filled with meanings.

The meaning of the tree of life

Throughout time, the mystical symbol of the Tree of Life has always fascinated and had an important place in human history. It is a universal and timeless symbol, represented through many cultures, stories and books.

In art, the symbol of the Tree of Life was especially taken up by the famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who created a beautiful work of it.

Nowadays, the representation of this lucky charm is widely taken up and can be found especially in the form of sculptures, decorative accessories or jewelry. In fact, it is not uncommon to come across women with a pretty silver Tree of Life necklace to sublimate their cleavage or a delicate silver bracelet bringing them a nice touch of refinement.

Meaning of the tree of life

Why wear a tree of life jewel?

In addition to being elegant and very trendy, the tree of life jewelry is filled with good energy. This symbol of good luck is ideal if you want to give an original gift with a beautiful meaning to your partner, friend, family member or someone close to you.

Whether it's in the form of a silver necklace, bracelet, long necklace or a fine pair of dangling earrings, its energy and luck-bearing power will provide protection, love and health.

What does the tree of life symbolize?

What does the tree of life symbolize?

The tree of life symbolizes the blossoming of physical and spiritual life, a perfect balance between heaven and earth, its branches and leaves ascend to the sky while its roots go deep into the earth, into the underworld, where the source of life lies.

It is a reflection of each of us, from the moment we are born we develop our roots (beliefs and feelings) and over time gain wisdom, which makes us stable (trunk) and achieve our goals and objectives (branches and foliage).

What does the tree of life mean?

The tree of life has several meanings that vary from one religion to another.

  • In Christianity, it is seen as a symbol of immortality and eternal life and refers to the garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit. It is said that god planted many trees there, such as the tree of knowledge and that of the tree of life which are both symbols present in the book of Genesis
  • In Judaism, more precisely in the Kabbalah (Kabbalistic tradition), the tree of life is an important element representing the laws of the universe schematized with the names of the 10
  • In the Buddhist religion, it is called the Bodhi tree. It is at the foot of this sacred tree that Buddha is said to have encountered spiritual enlightenment

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