Flower of Life Jewelry

Flower of life Jewelry

The Flower of Life Jewelry

Thanks to its unique geometry, the flower of life has strong spiritual values and many virtues for the body and mind.

It is much more than a simple symbol. Composed of seven circles superimposed on each other and connected by their center, it draws a perfect shape expressing absolute beauty and sacred harmony.

Worn as jewelry, it has an effect on the vibratory rate by harmonizing it and helps to protect against bad waves.

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Flower of life necklaces

Choose an elegant flower of life necklace with a minimalist design filled with good vibes or a solid silver pendant. In gold, silver or set with zirconias, it brings a touch of elegance and harmonizes the body and mind.

Flower of life bracelets

Discover the flowers of life bracelets which are available in several designs.

You will find flower of life bracelets with real stones such as onyx, agate or rose quartz. These bracelets combine the benefits of the flower of life with those of natural stones.

You can also opt for a more classic bracelet made entirely of solid silver with a thin layer of rhodium plating that preserves their brilliance over time.

Flower of life earrings

In wood or silver, the flowers of life earrings are adapted to all styles and all occasions.

flower of life earrings in wood

In addition to being elegant, the flower of life is a powerful symbol of good energy

Flower of life ring

Flower of life ring

Succumb to the delicacy of this high quality solid silver flower of life ring.

Its extended shape perfectly matches the shape of the finger and while bringing its delicate touch of finesse and good energy.

Learn more about the flower of life

What is the flower of life?

The flower of life is a very powerful sacred geometric shape that has been present throughout the ages and in all cultures around the world for a good reason.

Indeed this mystical symbol contains in its geometry all the construction models present on Earth and similar to the way plants, minerals and our DNA are formed!

A symbol filled with benefits

Much more than a symbol, the Flower of Life and its harmonious geometry represents divine beauty. It is a source of blessings for anyone who knows its power.

The Flower of Life owes its unique vibratory rate to its complex structure based on the golden ratio which gives it its perfectly harmonious proportions.

Its beneficial energies have the effect of harmonizing, regenerating, purifying and protecting all things nearby.

A symbol filled with benefits

Do I need to recharge the flower of life?

The flower of life does not need to be recharged, it continually regenerates itself thanks to its sacred geometry.

flower of life in lithotherapy

the flower of life in lithotherapy

The flower of life is very appreciated in lithotherapy to recharge and clean the natural stones. 

If you wish to recharge and clean your stones, simply place them on a receptacle in the shape of a flower of life.

For optimal recharging, it is advisable to leave the stones in contact with the flower of life for several hours or even overnight.

The longer they stay in contact, the more effective the recharging will be.

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