Our values

Our values guide every step we take


Daring to offer collections that stand out from the crowd.

Choosing to be unique and true to oneself is paramount to us!

It's upon this value that L&M was founded: Not being afraid to express who we truly are and embracing it wholeheartedly.


We are passionate about what we do.

Passion is the flame that drives us, allowing us to fulfill our mission: Providing you with a unique experience through jewelry made with love by small artisan workshops.


Being dedicated to delivering the very best of ourselves.

Excellence is a cornerstone for us. Our products, our team, and our services must embody it. It's an intrinsic value of who we are.

Giving our best to provide you with the most wonderful experience possible.


Offering products and a service that bring joy.

Making a customer happy with the quality of both product and service fills us with joy and motivation. Adding a touch of humanity in a world that's becoming increasingly digital.

It's a sentiment we cherish within our company, as it's beneficial and rewarding for everyone.