Privacy statement


This data protection statement is applicable to Lora&Moi online store. By browsing our site, all users are confronted with the data collection and use of their personal data in accordance with the Swiss law on data processing.

Data protection is a matter of trust that is very important to us and to which we pay special attention. That’s why we take care to ensure the security and the protection of your personal data and their treatment according to the law.

Your approval for the processing of your personal data is important to us. For this reason, we hereby inform you in detail about the steps we are taking in this matter. Therefore, we ask you to take note of the following information and to accept or refuse their treatment.

The term data processing includes the following points:

  • The collection;
  • The input;
  • The use;
  • The management;
  • The transmission;
  • The deletion of you personal data.

What is the purpose of collecting your personal data?

To guarantee you a better use of our online shop and to improve the quality of our products and services, we collect your data. The sole purpose of this collection is to provide you better services and to satisfy your desires and needs the best possible.

When do we collect your data?

The collection of your personal data takes place during our various contacts with you, that is to say on many occasions and in the following cases:

  • visit of our Lora&Moi online shop Lora&Moi;
  • creation of a user account ;
  • use of our online store as registered customer ;
  • order and purchase of products ;
  • contact with our after-sales service;
  • registration and subscription to our newsletter ;
  • participation in our competitions ;
  • membership in one of our customer loyalty programs ;
  • participation in our opinion polls and market research ;
  • Visit of our pages on social networks;
  • communication by phone, fax, e-mail, social networks ;

What personal data do we collect?

The collected personal data are also multiple and differ in two ways. It is either information placed by your own care at our disposal, or information entering automatically or manually when contacting us.

The collected customer data are the following:

  • family name and firstname;
  • date of birth and age;
  • sex;
  • address and place of residence;
  • email address;
  • IP address of the origin server;/li>
  • date and time of visit;
  • name and URL of the visited / requested file;
  • website from which you came to our website;
  • operating system of your computer and browser used;
  • country from which you visit our website;
  • method and frequency of use of our online shop;
  • duration of your activity on our online shop;
  • purchase habits;
  • your purchase preferences;
  • delivery address;
  • billing address;
  • payment information;
  • language preference;
  • phone number(s);
  • approval for the reception of advertisements;
  • information on subscribing to newsletters or other advertising channels;
  • customer account information (including creation date, user name, profile photo).

Use of your data for advertising purposess

Newsletter / Email advertising / Online advertising

When you register or purchase on our Lora&Moi, online shop, you consent to the use of your personal data for advertising offers (emails containing advertisement or personalized offers).

The newsletter will only be sent to you on your request. When you subscribe to our newsletter, your email address as well as your authorization are registered for advertising purposes until you sign out from the newsletter.

In the context of the development of advertising campaigns, we have the right to mandate third parties and to transmit them your data. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, your actions (opening rate, clicks) on our website are collected anonymously for statistical purposes.

If you disagree with this collection of data, you can sign out from our newsletter at any time.

Advertising sent to our customers

Your email address can be used to suggest to you similar items to those you have already purchased on our online shop and that might interest you. You have the possibility to request the cessation of these messages at any time.

Transmission of data to third parties

The transmission of your personal data is done only with your consent or in case of legal obligation. We only transmit your personal data if this is essential to the successful completion of the contract. For this purpose we communicate the information to transport companies, banks or other providers. These partners only use these information in the limits of the contract and for no other purpose.

Transmission of personal data abroad

We only transmit your personal data abroad if it is necessary for the completion of the contract. These third-party companies have the obligation to respect data protection in the same way as we do. If a country shouldn’t have the same data protection legislation as in Switzerland, we will take action to ensure that the level of protection is equivalent to the Swiss level.

Right to your personal data

You are authorized to request information about your personal data at any time, in order to correct or complete them, to request their removal or to refuse their processing. All you have to do is to send an email to It is important that you remember that according to the request made, you will no longer be able to use all services of our online shop. According to the legal provisions, we will have to keep certain data for a fixed period.

Privacy Policys

We do our best to protect your personal data and ensure their security against unauthorized processing, loss, modification, disclosure, etc. For that purpose, we ensure that our measures are continually adapted to technological developments and optimized accordingly. However, you must be fully aware that the transmission of information by Internet and other channels involves certain security hazards that we can’t assume and guarantee.

Who owns the data file?

According to the Swiss law, we are required to inform you about the holder of the file containing your personal data, which is Lora&Moi, Le Coinat 53, 2933 Damphreux, Switzerland.


The use of cookies is necessary for the proper functioning of our online shop and is useful in order to make your visit on our website easier, pleasant and relevant. Cookies are small text files containing information that are saved automatically by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or in your mobile device during your visits of our online shop. Cookies do not cause any damage to the material used to browse our website and do not transmit us any personal information about you. They are used for example to identify you as a registered user so that you can log into your account automatically. The use of cookies is in no way used to collect new personal data about you.

Many web browsers automatically approve cookies. However, it is possible to configure them so that they are refused. If you disable your browser to accept cookies, you may be prompted to enable them whenever their use is necessary. Certain features of our online shop require the use of cookies and that’s why a refusal can lead to malfunctions of the website.

What cookies do we use ?

The use of cookies serves to adapt our offers on Internet according to your desires as Customer and to optimize our advertising. For this purpose, we use a cookie called Re-Targeting which consists of analysing your behaviour anonymously as a user on our online shop. This cookie allows us to submit you offers adapted to your needs and likely to please you.

Most cookies used are automatically deleted from your computer/mobile device at the end of the browsing session on our website. However, we also use temporary or permanent cookies that remain in your computer/portable device even at the end of your browsing session. These cookies can be stored between 1 and 10 years in your computer/portable device and are automatically deleted at the end of the programmed time.

Website analysis tool/h2>

important. This is why we use methods called tracking-tools, which are web analytics tools. That’s why we work with Google Analytics, which is the most useful tool in this field.

Information gathering with Google Analytics involves:

  • the IP address;
  • the browser;
  • the URL of the page you just visited;
  • the operating system used;
  • the date and time of the visit.

The collected data are transferred to the server of Google Inc. in USA, which registers them. Google applies the rules on data protection under the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. Google Inc. can’t make any link between the IP address and other user data because the IP addresses are abbreviated and therefore anonymous.

If you want more information about Google Analytics and the analysis methods, we recommend you to visit directly the Google Analytics website. To get information about the way to process to avoid processing of your data for statistical purposes, please follow this link:

Social plugins

Our web pages use social plugins, such as social networking service providers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The logos of these providers appear on our online shop with the plugin buttons Like" or "Share".

During your visits on the pages of our online shop containing these plugins, your browser instantly receives a link issued by the websites of the service providers. Therefore, the content of these plugins is directly transmitted to your browser, which then includes it in the web pages.

By inserting these plugins, our providers are informed that specific pages of our online shop have been consulted and they register them on their server.

If you don’t wish that our providers collect data about you when visiting our online shop, you must not be logged in on their website before visiting our web pages. Please note that when you are disconnected from your social network accounts, providers still collect data by installing a cookie on your computer/phone device in order to assign the collected information later to your profile during your next connection.

To learn more about your privacy rights, how to delete your data and how they are processed by our service providers, please refer to the data protection statement of the concerned providers:


If you have questions or concerns regarding the data protection of our online shop or if you wish to delete your data, please send an email to