Free adjustment of your watchstrap

For aesthetic and comfort issues, this is important that your watches fit properly on your wrist. Watches with leather straps are easily adaptable to most wrists. However, watches with articulated link watchstraps have to be adjusted.

At Lora&Moi, you can make adjust the strap of your watch for free before it is delivered to you. For that, simply tell us the size of your wrist in centimeters during your ordering process, at the bottom of the address section, in the white box provided for this purpose (see diagram below).

How to measure your wrist size

Using a tape measure, a string or a ribbon go around your wrist without tightening too much. Ideally, you should be able to slip a finger under the ribbon.

how to measure your wrist size

Write the length you have got after measuring your wrist and add it between 1cm or 2cm. For example, if your wrist measures 18cm, the ideal size to choose for your bracelet is 19cm. It also depends on the ways you want to wear your watch.

  • For an "exact size" wear: use your measurement.
  • For a « near the skin » wear: add 1 or 1,5cm to your measurement.
  • For an « ample » wear: add 1,5cm or 2cm to your measurement.

Adjustment of your watch by a jeweler’s

If you do not want us to adjust your watch, you can go to a jewelry store near you. The adjustment of the strap of your watch will be at your charge.

WARNING: Wooden watch straps are delicate and it is important to adjust them carefully and meticulously. That's why if you ask a jeweler to adjust it, reading the adjustment guide provided with the watch is paramount to not damage the wood.

If it turns out that the watch strap is damaged due to an improper adjustment, Lora&Moi is not responsible and won’t apply any refund.

It is not always possible to adjust perfectly the watchstrap with the measurements of the wrist. Although in most cases the measurements are correct, it may be necessary to make readjust the watch by a jeweler or a watchmaker. We offer a free service and additional to your order therefore we can’t provide any compensation in case of impossibility to adjust the bracelet or errors in the adjustment.