Payment methods

With Lora&Moi you can make your payments simply via Payment Service Providing. This e-payment solution allows you to make secure payments. Your banking details won’t never be in possession of Lora&Moi.

All data are processed by SSL encryption. To be sure that your connection is secure, just look in the navigation bar if the name "HTTPS" appears.

Our partner PostFinance is certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This means that the visual cryptogram information allows an additional verification of the credit card holder to increase the security of the transactions.

Payment Service Providing supports the following payment methods:

Bank wire
Payment in advance
With the method of payment in advance you will get our banking details during your order finalization and after also by email. The processing time of the order with this payment method usually takes a bit longer (1—2 days). After the receipt of your order the items are directly reserved for you until receipt of your payment.
Twint allows you to pay your purchases totally free of charge, quickly and safely with your Smartphone. Twint uses the same security measures as banks to protect data. The Twint application is linked to your bank account and debits it directly after the validation of the payment of your order.
PostFinance Card
PostFinance Card
The PostFiance Card is one of the most attractive payment methods of Switzerland. It is used by more than 2 million people and allows to make quick and simplified purchases.
Visa Card
Visa&Verified by Visa
Visa is the most prevalent payment system by card in the world with more than 1,6 billion of edited cards. This card gives comfort and safety thanks to its payment technology 3-D Secure that checks the identity and the solvency of the card holder before each online payment.
Mastercard&Mastercard Secure Code
MasterCard International is one of the world's leading credit card companies with more than 630 million customers. Like the Visa card, the Mastercard also offers the secure payment technology 3-D Secure. With this card you can make instant and safe online purchases.
PayPal is an internationally renowned service allowing buyers and sellers to make payments to each other. PayPal carries out the payment for you and transfers it instantly to us. This method of payment is fast and secure.
Bitcoin is a very promising currency and an alternative to the current online banking payments. It is an international currency based on Blockchain technology and offering the best-known security to date. Bitcoin transactions are generally fast, very secure and with virtually almost non-existent fees.