Bracelet Flower Of Life In Silver 925-
    Bracelet Flower Of Life In Silver 925-
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    Bracelet Flower Of Life In Silver 925- Bracelet Flower Of Life In Silver 925-

    Bracelet Flower Of Life In Silver 925

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    Beautiful silver flower of life bracelet filled with good energy.

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    Size Guide


    Find below the bracelet size that suits you, based on your wrist size and the desired fit :

    Tight (does not move) Wrist size + 0.5 cm
    Snug (moves very little) Wrist size + 0.5 to 1 cm
    Contoured (follows the wrist shape) Wrist size + 1 to 1.5 cm
    Loose (moves freely) Wrist size + 1.5 to 3 cm


    Measure it!

    IT'S A GIFT !

    Giving the perfect gift in secret is the art of surprise ! Not sure which size to choose ?

    We admit, it's going to be tricky to measure directly on the person without getting caught...

    Here are some tips to keep it all secret :

    1. Try to discreetly borrow a piece of jewelry and measure it according to our guide to find the perfect size.

    2. Recruit an accomplice. This will be more discreet and will arouse less doubt if he/she finds out for you.

    3. Rely on standard sizes, they often fit many people.

    And even if after following our advice, the size does not fit, no worries! We will gladly exchange it simply and quickly for the right size !



    1. Wrap the tape around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet.

    2. The tape shouldn't be too tight or too loose.

    3. Note the measurement at the point where the tape crosses.

    4. Refer to the size chart above to find the ideal bracelet size based on your measurement.


    1.Wrap the string around your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. If you don't have a string, you can also use thread or fabric ribbon.

    2. Make sure the string is well-adjusted and not too tight.

    3. Pinch it with your finger or mark it with a pen where the two ends meet.

    4. Then remove the string from your wrist and measure its length with a ruler.

    5. Use the size chart above to help you choose the right bracelet size.




    Easily measure with our printable tape, available for download here.

    ❗ Note: If you wish to use this method, make sure to :

    1. Before printing, check the document's scale : For this, go to "More settings" and select "Scale : Fit to paper size".

    2. After printing the tape : Check if the verification mark (black line) is precisely 8.5 cm. You can use a ruler or a credit card.

    3. Once the tape is ready : Refer to the instructions on the sheet to know your size.

    Unsure about which size to choose?

    Bracelets typically come in standard sizes suitable for most people :

    ▶️ Women : 19 cm

    ▶️ Men : 21 cm

    ▶️ Child : 15 cm

    If despite the tips, the bracelet doesn't fit (too small or too big), you can easily return it for an exchange or refund.

    Do you have any questions about sizes or do you want personalized advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you !

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    Product Details

    Sterling Silver 925
    Diameter of the pendant (mm)
    Kind of chain
    Cable Chain
    Type of clasp
    Lobster Clasp
    Length Bracelet
    16 to 19cm - Adjustable
    2 Years
    Flower of life Drawing
    Powerful Symbol

    Much more than a jewelry, the flower of life is a sacred geometric symbol expressing divine beauty, perfection, and harmony

    Pendulum Drawing
    high vibratory frequency

    This jewel has been designed according to the original scheme of the flower of life and has a real vibratory frequency

    person meditating
    Harmonizing power

    Harmonizing and revitalizing effect on the body, soothes the mind

    Conseils d'Entretien du Bracelet

    Je suis un bracelet en argent 925 recouvert d'un rhodiage qui préserve mon bel éclat et empêche que je noircisse avec le temps. Pour me préserver le plus longtemps possible, évitez tout contact avec l'eau, les produits cosmétiques et les parfums.

    Flower of life bracelet in rhodium-plated 925 silver


    Trendy And Full Of Good Vibes
    • Entirely in 925 sterling silver
    • Does not oxidize over time
    • Discreet and elegant design
    • Carrier of good energies
    • Adjustable length
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Great gift idea
    • 2 years guarantee

    What are the effects of the Flower of Life?

    As jewelry

    The Flower of Life is a symbol with a complex structure that does not need to be reloaded because it is constantly regenerating itself.

    It helps :

    • To regenerate the body
    • Increases the vibrations
    • Helps to anchor with the earth
    • Improves creativity and concentration
    • Protects from negativity
    • To deepen the meditative state
    Golden flower of life symbol
    Pink pendulum photo
    A sacred symbol
    with true vibratory frequency

    This jewel flower of life was measured by a dowser who knows how to use the pendulum.

    The vibratory rate obtained during its measurement was approximately 70'000 Bovis units (BU).

    This measurement indicates that the sacred geometric pattern of the flower of life is respected and that it emits good waves.

    However, it is important to note that the Bovis measurement is not an exact science. It is variable and depends on many factors, and it may, for example, be influenced by the energy of the person who took it.

    Raise your vibratory rate
    with the flower of life

    Our body is nothing but the physical representation of our vibrations, each living being has its own vibratory rate.

    The vibratory rate is a variable frequency that can be modified. The flower of life has the ability to increase it, which is why it is so interesting to wear it as jewelry. 

    Having a high vibratory rate allows to stay healthy, to have a lot of vitality and helps to better manage emotions.

    Fantasy meditation photo


    A gentle touch for your jewels and our beautiful planet 🌍

    Elegant white fabric pouch Lora&Moi

    To ensure your jewelry arrives in your hands with the utmost care and attention, we carefully slip them into ultra-soft fabric pouches.

    And why choose a pouch? Well, it's :

    ▶️ A kinder gesture to our magnificent planet with minimal packaging

    ▶️ Ultra-convenient with its compact, lightweight format (ready to accompany you on all your adventures)

    ▶️ A cozy little haven to keep your jewels safe, no matter where you are

    Because precious moments deserve perfect details, we also offer you the option of presenting your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry case made in Europe (it's definitely worth mentioning 😀).

    And how to add it to my order ?

    Add it directly to your cart here below !

    It's just as simple!

    During your order, at step 3 (just after entering your address), you will find a little box "I would like gift wrapping for my order".

    Just check it and we'll be thrilled to wrap your gift with as much love as possible, promised 🙂

    Oh yes, and one last thing..! To make your gift even more special, we gladly add a little personalized note with your words.

    AND all this for free (because we love spoiling you) !


    The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

    If you encounter any issues, simply return it (we'll repair or replace it). Even after this period, contact us, and we will always find a solution.


    You can return the jewelry if it doesn't fit or meet your expectations.


    At Lora&Moi, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    If the product doesn't meet your expectations, return it, and we'll refund your purchase (but between us, that's very rare! 😀)

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