Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones
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    Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones- Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones- Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones- Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones-

    Necklace Flower Of Life In Silver With Zirconia Stones

    CHF 129.00

    Entirely in 925 sterling silver

    Does not tarnish thanks to its rhodium plating

    Sacred pattern filled with good vibes

    48 cm silver chain with 3 adjustment rings (easy to adjust)

    Set with zirconia for even more sparkle

    Excellent companion for meditation & yoga

    Size Guide


    To pick the correct length for your chain, consider how you want to wear it (where you want it to fall on your bust).

    ▶️ Tip to help you accurately choose the right chain size: arm yourself with a tailor's tape or a string and refer to the guide below :

    IT'S A GIFT !

    Giving the perfect gift in secret is the art of surprise ! Not sure which size to choose ?

    We admit, it's going to be tricky to measure directly on the person without getting caught...

    Here are some tips to keep it all secret :

    1. Try to discreetly borrow a piece of jewelry and measure it according to our guide to find the perfect size.

    2. Recruit an accomplice. This will be more discreet and will arouse less doubt if he/she finds out for you.

    3. Rely on standard sizes, they often fit many people.

    And even if after following our advice, the size does not fit, no worries! We will gladly exchange it simply and quickly for the right size !

    How to measure ?


    Measure with a tailor's meter

    1. Wrap the tape around your neck where you want the chain to be worn.

    2. Take note of the measurement where the tape crosses over.

    3. Now you'll know exactly which length to choose !


    1. Wrap the string around your neck at the spot where you want to wear the chain. If you don’t have string, you can also use a thread or a fabric ribbon.

    2. Pinch the string at the point where you want the chain to lay.

    3. Lay the measured string against a ruler.

    4. You'll then know exactly which length to choose !

    Measure with a string


    Measure with a ruler

    1. Take your necklace/chain and open it.

    2. Measure its length from one end to the other with a ruler.

    3. You'll then know its length.

    Not sure which length to choose ?

    If you're uncertain and looking for a universal size that fits all, the standard length for women's necklaces/chains is 45 cm.

    You can refer to the image below to get an idea of how each chain/necklace length might fit you.

    ❗ These lengths are indicative and may vary slightly depending on individual body shapes.

    chain size guide

    Do you have any questions about sizes or do you want personalized advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you !

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    Product Details

    Type of jewelry
    Kind of chain
    Cable Link
    Silver 925
    Rhodium plated (protects against oxidation)
    26 mm
    Adjustment rings at 42, 45 and 48cm
    Stone(s) type
    Stone(s) color
    Clasp Type
    Total weight
    8 gr
    2 Years


    Imagine: A jewel capable of harmonizing your daily life.

    Much more than just a jewel, the flower of life is a sacred geometric pattern that:

    ▶️ Harmonizes and revitalizes the body
    ▶️ Soothes the mind
    ▶️ Helps to anchor oneself

    This jewel is the result of a unique collaboration: traditional goldsmith craftsmanship combined with the spiritual strength of the flower of life.

    Discover the story of its creation, a journey that takes us into a world of spirituality and art.


    Finding a workshop capable of producing such spiritual jewelry proved to be a real challenge.

    It must be said that in 2016, the flower of life was almost unknown, and workshops were not ready to create something so special.

    But luck smiled on us: a friend in the industry directed us to a family workshop in Thailand, renowned for its spiritual jewelry, such as tree of life and flowers of life.

    We packed our backpacks (you should have seen our excitement!) and set off on an adventure, in search of this mysterious workshop.

    A challenging journey


    We crossed the borders of Europe, heading for Thailand, to discover an extraordinary workshop.

    Managed by a brother and sister, this workshop has been passed down from generation to generation since 1989, a precious family heritage.

    Could they create the flower of life we were looking for?

    Like many people, we had a dated image of Asia: exploited workers, poorly done work.

    But, once there, this cliché was quickly dispelled.

    Narin, the brother, warmly welcomed us and revealed the secrets of their workshop:

    ▶️ true craftsmanship
    ▶️ work of remarkable precision
    ▶️ a workshop so impeccably clean you could almost eat off the floor.

    With a smile, he explained that Thailand is steeped in a heritage and ancient history of jewelry making.

    In front of such talent and passion, our decision was clear: this was where our flower of life collection would come to life.

    Laura and Orlando

    This jewel, it's the fruit of a journey beyond our comfort zones. A journey rich in discoveries and meaning.

    Laura and Orlando (founders of Lora&Moi)

    Genuine Silver

    The Flower of Life we sought had to be made of genuine 925 silver!


    Since time immemorial, this noble metal has been known for its connection to spirituality and protection.

    Its resonance with the Flower of Life is undeniable – they complement each other, forming a perfect union, as if they were inherently made for each other.

    Each of our Flowers of Life is meticulously crafted in 925 silver.

    They are marked with a master's stamp and subjected to rigorous precious metal controls, thus ensuring their authenticity and purity.

    A Necklace That Adjusts Easily

    With its 48cm chain, it perfectly adapts to your comfort.

    Its three intermediate rings (at 42, 45, and 48 cm) allow you to adjust the necklace in a flash to the right length.
    Its lobster clasp, simple and sturdy, opens and closes with one hand.
    Its junction ring (a true hero) ensures flexibility to the clasp, preserving the chain from any tension.

    In summary: easy to adjust and designed to last, this chain is the ideal accessory for every day.

    *And if a mishap occurs, it's easily repairable.

    Unsure about the size? Check our size guide at the top of the product page (above the "add to cart" button), to find the perfect length.

    A Dazzling Setting

    The edge of the pendant is meticulously set with zirconium oxide stones, adding a sparkle of light.

    fleur de vie avec pierre

    Silver That Doesn’t Tarnish

    Silver captivates with its shine and elegance

    but it has an Achilles' heel: it reacts poorly to humidity and sweat, tarnishing quickly (oxidation).

    To preserve its beauty, frequent maintenance is necessary, but there's an even more practical solution.

    Rhodium Plating: The Protective Shield

    To solve this dilemma, we rhodium plate the jewelry, effectively protecting it from oxidation.

    But what exactly is rhodium plating?

    Rhodium plating involves applying a thin layer of rhodium to the jewelry, acting as an impenetrable shield against oxidation.

    Rhodium is the superman of metals, highly resistant to corrosion, hence oxidation, and is also 7 times more expensive than gold.

    But don't worry!

    The layer we apply is very thin. However, it makes all the difference, ensuring your jewelry retains its beauty over time.

    Flower of Life: A Jewelry Filled with Benefits

    The Flower of Life, this geometric pattern older than time itself, is much more than just a simple shape.

    It consists of seven interlocking circles, creating a harmonious and perfectly symmetrical flower (golden rule).

    As a piece of jewelry, its benefits are numerous:

    ▶️ Harmonizes body and spirit
    ▶️ Increases vibrational rate
    ▶️ Assists in grounding
    ▶️ Protects against negative energies
    ▶️ Deepens meditative state

    Our body, predominantly made of water, positively reacts to the vibrations of the Flower of Life.

    symbol of the flower of life

    Did you know?

    What's fascinating about the Flower of Life is its continuous regenerative ability. No need to recharge it – it's like an ever-flowing source of energy.


    A Tool for Meditation

    The Flower of Life is a highly appreciated companion in meditation or yoga.


    Simply put, it enhances concentration, clarifies the mind, and creates harmony between body and spirit.

    Just wear it during your meditation or yoga routine to benefit from its properties.

    During my morning meditation sessions, I always love to have my Flower of Life jewelry with me 😊.

    Laura (co-founder of Lora&Moi)

    A Sacred Symbol with True Vibrational Rate

    We now needed to verify if the Flower of Life indeed emitted positive vibes.

    But who can measure such a thing?

    The answer: an experienced dowser (a specialist in detecting vibrational frequencies).

    So we consulted a dowser in our region, posing this simple question: "What is the vibrational rate emitted by the Flower of Life?"

    He carefully placed the Flower of Life on a graduated sheet and began to measure its vibrational rate...

    The result? A vibrational rate of 70,000 Bovis units (UB), which, according to him, indicates that the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life was respected.

    This experience was a moment of joy! It proved that our mission to create a piece of jewelry combining craftsmanship and well-being was achieved 😀.

    It's important to note that the Bovis measurement is not an exact science and varies depending on many factors.

    vibratory rate

    Did you know?

    The Bovis unit is an esoteric measurement used to assess the vibrational rate or energy of a place, an object, or a person.


    Rest assured, the Flower of Life requires no special maintenance! You can wear it without worrying about its beauty!

    However, some basic precautions will help maintain its beauty, especially by avoiding:

    ▶️ cosmetics & perfumes

    ▶️ Any other product containing alcohol

    Extended contact with these substances can damage your jewelry (oxidation, rust, corrosion).

    Lora&Moi's advice: Gently clean your jewelry occasionally with a glasses cloth or soft fabric. This small care will help maintain its shine and remove any potential dirt!

    committed workshop
    the certificate

    A Committed Workshop

    The workshop led by Narin and Roma is proud to be a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an alliance of over 1,800 workshops dedicated to ethical and sustainable jewelry making.

    By being part of this association, they guarantee that every step of production, from material extraction to finishing, adheres to strict human rights and environmental standards.

    Harmony. Serenity. Balance. Beauty.

    Radiate good vibes by wearing a Flower of Life jewelry piece.

    Beyond being a powerful protective talisman, this jewelry piece brings a touch of elegance to your style.

    It's the perfect union between the mastery of jewelry making and spirituality, specially designed for those who aspire to enrich their everyday life with beauty and deep meaning.

    flower of life
    Daily harmony
    good vibes
    Filled with good vibes
    Excellent for meditation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Flower of Life is an ancient and fascinating symbol that represents the harmony and balance of the universe.

    It is often used to inspire serenity and self-connection.

    Yes, many people believe that the Flower of Life has a positive influence on the body and mind.

    It's often used in meditation to promote inner harmony, concentration, and emotional well-being.

    It's very simple, just wear it with you 🙂.

    Yes, the stones used in our Flower of Life jewelry are natural.

    Absolutely, all our Flowers of Life are made of 925 sterling silver.

    Each one bears a master's hallmark attesting to its authenticity and undergoes meticulous checks to ensure its authenticity.

    Just consult our size guide located above the “add to cart” button.

    This way, you can be sure not to make a mistake 🙂.

    Want a custom-fit length? No problem! Don't hesitate to contact us: we offer a tailor-made service at no extra cost. 😃

    Send us a message via WhatsApp, email, or call us – we'll be happy to help.

    At Lora&Moi, it's 100% satisfaction or your money back!

    Whether it's for you or a gift, you have 30 days to return the jewelry (for a refund or a voucher).


    A gentle touch for your jewels and our beautiful planet 🌍

    Elegant white fabric pouch Lora&Moi

    To ensure your jewelry arrives in your hands with the utmost care and attention, we carefully slip them into ultra-soft fabric pouches.

    And why choose a pouch? Well, it's :

    ▶️ A kinder gesture to our magnificent planet with minimal packaging

    ▶️ Ultra-convenient with its compact, lightweight format (ready to accompany you on all your adventures)

    ▶️ A cozy little haven to keep your jewels safe, no matter where you are

    Because precious moments deserve perfect details, we also offer you the option of presenting your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry case made in Europe (it's definitely worth mentioning 😀).

    And how to add it to my order ?

    Add it directly to your cart here below !

    It's just as simple!

    During your order, at step 3 (just after entering your address), you will find a little box "I would like gift wrapping for my order".

    Just check it and we'll be thrilled to wrap your gift with as much love as possible, promised 🙂

    Oh yes, and one last thing..! To make your gift even more special, we gladly add a little personalized note with your words.

    AND all this for free (because we love spoiling you) !


    The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

    If you encounter any issues, simply return it (we'll repair or replace it). Even after this period, contact us, and we will always find a solution.


    You can return the jewelry if it doesn't fit or meet your expectations.


    At Lora&Moi, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    If the product doesn't meet your expectations, return it, and we'll refund your purchase (but between us, that's very rare! 😀)

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