Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring-
    Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring-
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    Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring- Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring- Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring

    Gold Plated Round Black Agate Stone Ring

    CHF 69.00

    Elegant gold plated ring with real round black agate natural stone in its center.

    The ring is plated with fine 24 carat gold, which preserves its beautiful shine and makes it hypoallergenic.

    The ring is adjustable from size 52 to 58.

    The black agate as a healing stone promotes strength and inner harmony and protects against bad energies.

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    Size Guide


    An adjustable or resizable ring is a ring with an open end at the bottom that allows you to adjust it directly on the finger by tightening or loosening it until you find the perfect fit for your finger.

    ❗ So, it's a one-size-fits-all ring that generally adapts from size 48 to 60 depending on the model.

    You don't need to know your finger size to be sure you're making the right choice! Normally, it should fit you like a glove.

    The advantages :

    ▶️ very practical

    ▶️ one size fits all

    ▶️ avoids mistakes in choosing the right size

    ▶️ can be worn on any finger you want

    ▶️ possibility to switch it around according to your daily desires

    If, despite everything, you have doubts about your finger size and whether the ring will fit, below is a little guide to help you easily determine your finger size :



    Ring Size Finger Circumference cm Diameter mm (ring/finger)
    46 4,6 14,4
    48 4,8 15
    50 5 15,9
    52 5,2 16,6
    54 5,4 17,2
    56 5,6 17,8
    58 5,8 18,5
    60 6 19,1
    62 6,2 19,7
    64 6,4 20,4
    66 6,6 21
    68 6,8 21,6
    70 7 22,3

    NB: European sizes

    The average ring size for the ring finger is :

    ▶️ 54/56 for women

    ▶️ 60/62 for men

    This information is indicative, as every body type is different.

    To be sure of your ideal size, consult our guide below :

    IT'S A GIFT !

    Giving the perfect gift in secret is the art of surprise ! Not sure which size to choose ?

    We admit, it's going to be tricky to measure directly on the person without getting caught...

    Here are some tips to keep it all secret :

    1. Try to discreetly borrow a piece of jewelry and measure it according to our guide to find the perfect size.

    2. Recruit an accomplice. This will be more discreet and will arouse less doubt if he/she finds out for you.

    3. Rely on standard sizes, they often fit many people.

    And even if after following our advice, the size does not fit, no worries! We will gladly exchange it simply and quickly for the right size !


    Finger circumference measurement guide

    How to measure your finger circumference :

    1. Take a string, sewing thread, thin ribbon, or tailor's tape. Gently wrap it around your finger, making sure it's snug without being too loose or too tight.

    2. Draw a line where the two ends meet using a pen.

    3. Then measure the string's length on a ruler to get the exact circumference of your finger, down to the millimeter.

    4. Refer to the table above to match your measurement to the appropriate ring size.

    Tip : If you fall between two sizes, like 53, choose the next size up, which would be 54.


    Inner ring diameter

    Have a ring to measure? Follow these steps: :

    1. Lay it flat on a ruler (be precise).

    2. Note the number of millimeters from one inside edge to the other to determine the diameter.

    3. Refer to the chart above (ring sizes) to find the corresponding size. For example, for a ring with a diameter of 5.6 cm, the matching size is 56.

    Essential points for an accurate measurement :

    Same finger : lThe ring you're measuring should be intended for the same finger you already wear it on.

    Shape : The ring should be perfectly circular.


    Discover your size with our printable ring sizer.

    1. Download it here and print it. In a few steps, you'll know the perfect size for you.

    2. Place one of your rings on the appropriate circle. You've found the right size when the outer line of the blue circle matches the inside edge of the ring.

    3. You will then know your ring size and diameter.

    Printable baguier



    1. Tighten the multisizer around your finger until you find the size that fits you.

    2. Make sure that once adjusted to your finger, the ring sizer easily goes on and off.

    If this isn't the case, the size isn't suitable. Retake the measurement until you find the right one.

    3. Check the markings to know your measurement.

    Do you have any questions about sizes or do you want personalized advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you !

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    Product Details

    Type of jewelry
    Fabien Ajzenberg
    Gilding 24 carat yellow gold
    Yellow gold
    Réglable de la taille 52 à 58
    Stone(s) type
    Stone(s) color
    Stone(s) dimensions
    10 mm x 14 mm
    ø 8 mm
    Total weight
    2 gr
    Allergy friendly
    2 Years

    Handmade Creation

    Jewel made by hand with the greatest care in limited series in a small workshop in Paris, France


    Ideal In All Circumstances

    Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this jewel is ideal at all times and goes perfectly with any style

    Eiffel tower

    Fashion Jewelry

    Elegance and Parisian chic are reflected through this jewel to always be at the forefront of fashion

    Gold Plated Jewelry Care Tips

    I am a 24 carat yellow gold plated brass jewel. My plating does not move, however it is preferable to avoid any contact with water, cosmetics and perfumes as much as possible, in order to preserve my beautiful shine for as long as possible.

    Gold plated Rings and jewel

    The Yellow Gold Plated Jewel

    The essential fashion accessory
    • Very trendy
    • Ideal for everyday
    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Bring style to every outfit
    • Sweet & refined gift idea
    • Does not oxidize over time
    • Hypoallergenic

    High Fashion Jewelry

    100% Made in France

    Artisanal creations 100% Parisian designed with high quality materials, worthy of high fantasy.

    The pieces are worked individually by hand to give life to unique and timeless models.

    Each jewel has its story and conveys an emotion. Wearing a jewel of French craftsmanship means bringing a touch of elegance and Parisian chic to your look while asserting your femininity.

    • Handmade jewelry
    • Careful manufacturing
    • Aesthetic and elegant
    • French Touch
    • Limited series
    Handmade creation parise eiffel tower
    handmade jewelry

    A French know-how

    Combining quality and durability

    Once imagined and drawn on paper, the creations of the French designer come to life in matter.

    From welding, to 24-carat yellow gold gilding and ending with the assembly of natural stones (for models that have them), everything is made with love in Paris to bring solidity and irreproachable quality to each model.

    In order to offer excellence to each of its pieces, the house applies manufacturing processes inspired by the highest standards of major high fashion houses.

    • Carefully selected noble materials
    • Gilded with 24 carat yellow gold
    • Individual welding
    • Durable and resistant
    • Sensitive to the environment
    • 2 years warranty

    A yellow gold plated jewel

    Designed to be worn all day long

    Made from noble and quality materials, each jewel is made to resist and last over time.

    Trendy and reflecting all the elegance and romanticism of Paris, the pieces adapt easily to all styles, from the most chic to the most classic.

    Strong point: each model is also very light and very comfortable to wear and knows how to be discreet throughout the day.

    The hypoallergenic composition makes it possible to avoid any risk of irritation for the skin.

    Gold plated Rings
    Gold plated errings
    Gold plated Rings
    Gold plated jewelry


    A gentle touch for your jewels and our beautiful planet 🌍

    Elegant white fabric pouch Lora&Moi

    To ensure your jewelry arrives in your hands with the utmost care and attention, we carefully slip them into ultra-soft fabric pouches.

    And why choose a pouch? Well, it's :

    ▶️ A kinder gesture to our magnificent planet with minimal packaging

    ▶️ Ultra-convenient with its compact, lightweight format (ready to accompany you on all your adventures)

    ▶️ A cozy little haven to keep your jewels safe, no matter where you are

    Because precious moments deserve perfect details, we also offer you the option of presenting your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry case made in Europe (it's definitely worth mentioning 😀).

    And how to add it to my order ?

    Add it directly to your cart here below !

    It's just as simple!

    During your order, at step 3 (just after entering your address), you will find a little box "I would like gift wrapping for my order".

    Just check it and we'll be thrilled to wrap your gift with as much love as possible, promised 🙂

    Oh yes, and one last thing..! To make your gift even more special, we gladly add a little personalized note with your words.

    AND all this for free (because we love spoiling you) !


    The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

    If you encounter any issues, simply return it (we'll repair or replace it). Even after this period, contact us, and we will always find a solution.


    You can return the jewelry if it doesn't fit or meet your expectations.


    At Lora&Moi, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    If the product doesn't meet your expectations, return it, and we'll refund your purchase (but between us, that's very rare! 😀)

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