TRAUMFÄNGER Steel Pendant Brown Dreamcatcher with floral motif

TRAUMFÄNGER Steel Pendant Brown Dreamcatcher with floral motif

Product description

Traumfänger. Stainless steel pendant brown dreamcatcher with openworked floral motif. Braun plated by a specific ionization process.

Sizes: Ø45mm, Ø35mm and Ø25mm.

Chain separately sold.

The Dreamcatcher blocks negative energies and helps you to keep positive thoughts and feelings.

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59.00 CHF

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ColorDark brown

More info about Traumfänger

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Traumfänger means dreamcatcher in English. It is a steel jewelry collection that offers dreamcatchers transmitting positive energy.

The design of Traumfänger jewelry is inspired by the mystic symbols of dreamcatchers. In Amerindian culture, the dreamcatcher is an object with mystical powers, able to separate the good from the bad dreams and to transform them into positive energy.

Traumfänger jewelry is made with a high precision and with great care. The jewels are made of anti-allergic stainless steel. Their color is given by a specific ionization process that makes it permanent and avoids skin irritations. The high quality of the Traumfänger jewels and their original symbolic design make them very lovely and trendy !

The Traumfänger jewelry collection includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings in different colors, sizes and designs.

Traumfänger jewels are unique and mystic. They’ll bring you good look and nice dreams !

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