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Dark Grey Pendant Leaf

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BLUMENKIND. Stainless steel dark grey pendant leaf coming from the Bodhi tree. Dark grey plated by a specific ionization process.

Sizes: 6cm, 8cm and 10cm.

Chain separately sold.

The leaves of the Bodhi tree are lucky charms. Get your Blumenkind pendant made with a real Bodhi tree leaf and it will bring you luck!

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LeafBodhi Leaf

More info about Blumenkind

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«Make the world a bit more colorful», this is the motto of the blumenkind brand. Each jewel of Blumenkind is a single piece, because it is made from genuine leaves and flowers. 

To manufacture it pendants and earrings Blumenkind use the leaves of the Bodhi tree, which is also called Buddha tree. The color of the jewels is given by a specific ionization process that makes it permanent and avoids skin irritations. They are available in steel color, anthracite, yellow gold and rose gold and in different sizes. 

Unique and colorful as nature are also the flower pendants of Blumenkind jewelry.They are made with real chrysanthemum flowers. All flowers are treated in a complex way using high precision and great care. They are finally put into a glass for preservation. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of happiness and love. You can get them in the colors blue, yellow, orange, red or white.

The frame of the flower pendants is made of anti-allergic stainless steel. Thanks to ionization, they are available in grey, anthracite, rose gold and yellow gold.

Wear Blumenkind jewels and bring a bit of color, joy and love to the world!

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