Pendant flower of life

Doomed Pendant Flower Of Life


Cute domed flower of life pendant filled with good vibrations.

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Pendant Details

The flower of life has many benefits. Worn as a pendant, it produces harmonious and beneficient vibrations that revitalize the body and mind.

The sacred geometric pattern of the flower of life is a representation of the universes. It is formed of circles connected by the center. Each part that composes it corresponds to a stage of the creation of the universe, the whole forming a unit necessary for the creation of life.

The flower of life is at the origin of everything. It is a sacred symbol that connects life and spirit.

Material:Silver 925
Diameter of the pendant:27 mm
Thickness of the pendant:2 mm
Warranty:2 years

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What is the flower of life?

A Powerful Symbol

The flower of life is a very powerful sacred geometric shape that has been present throughout the ages and in all cultures around the world for a reason.

We can find in its form all the construction models of which are formed the plants, minerals, mathematical formulas and even our DNA!"

You will have understood it! It gathers the basis of any form of life whatsoever.

fleur de vie

The meaning of the flower of life

A Sacred Geometry

The flower of life is composed of seven circles superimposed on each other and connected by their center, which gives it this beautiful shape that has many benefits on the human body.

This flower with its sacred geometric figure is a powerful symbol of the origin of everything, it represents the connection to life, the spirit and the divine. We also find in the golden ratio, a symbol of divine proportion.

What are the benefits of the flower of life?

Worn As Jewelry

The flower of life is a symbol with a complex structure that does not need to be recharged, it regenerates continuously.

Its benefits are many whether worn as a bracelet, earrings or pendant, it helps:

  • Regenerate and rebalance the body
  • Increase vibrational rate
  • Help to ground
  • Increase creativity and focus
  • Protect against bad vibes
  • Excellent companion for yoga

Where can I buy her flower of life jewel?

A Trendy Jewelry

Today flower of life jewelry is very much in trend and is adored as much for its energetic effects as for its beauty.

To fully benefit from the benefits of the flower of life, it is important that the sacred geometric dimensions (golden number) are respected and taken into consideration.

All the flowers of life on our Swiss onlineshop respect the sacred dimensions and the standards of Swiss precious metals.

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