Flower of life bracelet

Flower Of Life Bracelet

Flexible flower of life silver 925 rhodium-plated bracelet with natural stones

The meaning of the flower of life bracelet

The flower of life is a sacred geometric pattern and a representation of the universe. It is formed of circles connected by the center. Each part that composes it corresponds to a stage of the creation of the universe, the whole forming a unit necessary for the creation of life. The flower of life has many benefits. Worn as a jewel, here in the form of a silver bracelet, it emits a harmonious and beneficent vibration that revitalizes the body and mind.

In the deepest part of the Earth hides the flower of life, source of the Spirit that binds everything in its form. The flower of life is like our spirit and springs through the earth like ours through our body.

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More info about Angelsvoice

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Angelsvoice is a jewelry collection with symbolism. Each element has got a specific meaning and this is what gives to these lovely jewels a unique character.

Angelsvoice combines in an harmonious way the energie of the angels with the vibration of the flower of life, the colors and the sound. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, harmony cages and chime balls in different colors.

Angelsvoice also offers other jewels with symbolic value such as the tree of life, the venus' flower, angels' wings, unicorns and mandalas.

Choose the jewel that matches best with you. It will guide you and give you good vibrations all day long!

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