Angelsvoice Feathers earings in silver with zirconias

Feathers earings in silver with zirconias


Feathers silver 925 rhodium-plated earings with zirconias.

The strength of the feather earings

The beauty of feathers and their majestic side make them very trendy accessories. They are popular throughout the world. We find them everywhere in our daily life as jewels, decorative objects and even tattooed on people.

But where does our interest come from? Much more than simple feathers, they also encompass various meanings. Associated with the concept of freedom, feathers belong to birds that are considered as free animals due to their ability to fly.

They also have a spiritual side and are used in many cultures to connect with spirits and ancestors. Wearing a feather jewel here declined in the form of a feather earings in silver with zirconias demonstrates a desire for freedom, to live freely and to stay in constant contact with our spiritual guides.

When a feather crosses your path it is there to bring you an answer to your questions.

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MaterialSilver 925 rhodium

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Angelsvoice is a jewelry collection with symbolism. Each element has got a specific meaning and this is what gives to these lovely jewels a unique character.

Angelsvoice combines in an harmonious way the energie of the angels with the vibration of the flower of life, the colors and the sound. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, harmony cages and chime balls in different colors.

Angelsvoice also offers other jewels with symbolic value such as the tree of life, the venus' flower, angels' wings, unicorns and mandalas.

Choose the jewel that matches best with you. It will guide you and give you good vibrations all day long!

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