Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot-
    Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot-
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    Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot- Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot- Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot- Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot- Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot-

    Pendant Tree of Life in Silver with Peridot

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    Refined and elegant tree of life pendant in silver with a natural peridot stone.

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    Product Details

    Type of jewelry
    Silver 925
    Rhodium plated (protects against oxidation)
    Argent 925
    31 mm
    Stone(s) type
    Stone(s) color
    2 Years
    Genuine Stone

    The jewel is set with a real gemstone

    Swiss flag
    Swiss Design

    Each piece is entirely designed with love and passion in the Swiss Jura

    Jewelry with Meaning

    Good luck jewelry that gives off good vibes

    Silver 925 Rhodium plated

    The jewel is covered with a protective layer of rhodium plating against oxidation

    Pendant Care Tips

    I am a silver pendant covered with a rhodium plating that preserves my beautiful shine and prevents me from getting black with time. To preserve me as long as possible, avoid any contact with water, cosmetics and perfumes.

    More details

    about the tree of life pendant

    Peridot with its green color represents the element Earth and the astrological signs attached to it are: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

    Peridot is also a birthstone associated with the month of August.

    Tree of life pendant with peridot stone

    A tree of life pendant

    With His Peridot
    • Entirely in sterling silver 925
    • Does not oxidize over time
    • Set with a real peridot stone
    • Suitable for all styles
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Carrier of good energies

    The Benefits And Virtues


    In lithotherapy, peridot is a powerful cleanser, removing toxins and neutralizing them both physically and spiritually.

    It is said to help on an emotional and spiritual level to:

    Why wear a tree of life pendant?

    A Lucky Charms Symbol

    Besides being elegant and very fashionable, the tree of life jewel is filled with good energies. This symbol of luck is ideal if you wish to give an original gift with a beautiful meaning to your partner, a friend, a family member or someone close to you.


    A Powerful Symbol

    The tree of life symbolizes the blossoming of physical and spiritual life, a perfect balance between heaven and earth, its branches and leaves reaching up to the sky while its roots go deep into the earth, into the underworld, where the source of life lies.

    It is a reflection of each of us, from the moment we are born, we develop our roots (beliefs and feelings) and with time acquire wisdom, which makes us stable (trunk) and achieve our goals and objectives (branches and leaves).


    A gentle touch for your jewels and our beautiful planet 🌍

    Elegant white fabric pouch Lora&Moi

    To ensure your jewelry arrives in your hands with the utmost care and attention, we carefully slip them into ultra-soft fabric pouches.

    And why choose a pouch? Well, it's :

    ▶️ A kinder gesture to our magnificent planet with minimal packaging

    ▶️ Ultra-convenient with its compact, lightweight format (ready to accompany you on all your adventures)

    ▶️ A cozy little haven to keep your jewels safe, no matter where you are

    Because precious moments deserve perfect details, we also offer you the option of presenting your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry case made in Europe (it's definitely worth mentioning 😀).

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    The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

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