Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries-
    Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries-
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    Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries- Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries- Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries-

    Silver & Lava Stone Bracelet Mens Black Beries

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    This beautiful 925 silver & lava stone bracelet for men is entirely handmade in Italy.

    It is a bracelet that is available in two lengths, either 20 cm or 21 cm. Both sizes include a 2cm extension chain that allows the bracelet to be easily adjusted around the wrist.

    The bracelet consists of silver and lava stone beads of different styles that alternate beautifully to create a men's piece of jewelry with a masculine and original appearance.

    If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a unique and elegant style, this silver and lava stone bracelet for men is ideal in all circumstances.

    Size Guide


    Find below the bracelet size that suits you, based on your wrist size and the desired fit :

    Snug (moves very little) Wrist size + 0.5 to 1,5 cm
    Contoured (moves freely) Wrist size + 1,5 to 3 cm


    Measure it!

    IT'S A GIFT !

    Giving the perfect gift in secret is the art of surprise ! Not sure which size to choose ?

    We admit, it's going to be tricky to measure directly on the person without getting caught...

    Here are some tips to keep it all secret :

    1. Try to discreetly borrow a piece of jewelry and measure it according to our guide to find the perfect size.

    2. Recruit an accomplice. This will be more discreet and will arouse less doubt if he/she finds out for you.

    3. Rely on standard sizes, they often fit many people.

    And even if after following our advice, the size does not fit, no worries! We will gladly exchange it simply and quickly for the right size !



    1. Wrap the tape around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet.

    2. The tape shouldn't be too tight or too loose.

    3. Note the measurement at the point where the tape crosses.

    4. Refer to the size chart above to find the ideal bracelet size based on your measurement.


    1.Wrap the string around your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. If you don't have a string, you can also use thread or fabric ribbon.

    2. Make sure the string is well-adjusted and not too tight.

    3. Pinch it with your finger or mark it with a pen where the two ends meet.

    4. Then remove the string from your wrist and measure its length with a ruler.

    5. Use the size chart above to help you choose the right bracelet size.



    bracelet homme avec metre imprimable-de-en.webp

    Easily measure with our printable tape, available for download here.

    ❗ Note: If you wish to use this method, make sure to :

    1. Before printing, check the document's scale : For this, go to "More settings" and select "Scale : Fit to paper size".

    2. After printing the tape : Check if the verification mark (black line) is precisely 8.5 cm. You can use a ruler or a credit card.

    3. Once the tape is ready : Refer to the instructions on the sheet to know your size.

    Unsure about which size to choose?

    Bracelets typically come in standard sizes suitable for most people :

    ▶️ Women : 19 cm

    ▶️ Men : 21 cm

    ▶️ Child : 15 cm

    If despite the tips, the bracelet doesn't fit (too small or too big), you can easily return it for an exchange or refund.

    Do you have any questions about sizes or do you want personalized advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you !

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    you have 30 days to make your choice!

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    Product Details

    Type of jewelry
    Giovanni Raspini
    Silver 925
    Rhodium plated (protects against oxidation)
    Stone(s) type
    Lava Stone
    Stone(s) color
    Clasp Type
    Total weight
    16 gr
    Allergy friendly
    2 Years
    Hands with a heart
    Handmade Jewelry

    Handcrafted using a very old technique of lost-wax casting

    Italy symbol
    Made In Italy With Love

    Jewelry entirely designed and produced with love and passion in Tuscany, near Florence

    Smiling face icon
    Authentic Design

    Unique and refined design from Tuscan goldsmith's art

    Certified 925 Silver

    Certified 925 silver hallmark complying with Swiss precious metal standards

    Bracelet Care Tips​

    I am a 925 sterling silver bracelet covered with a rhodium plating that preserves my beautiful shine and prevents me from getting black with time. To preserve me as long as possible, avoid any contact with water, cosmetics and perfumes.

    The lava stone bracelet

    And its benefits

    In lithotherapy, lava stone or volcanic stone is considered one of the most energetic and protective stones of nature. It represents endurance, tenacity and perseverance and is particularly suitable for people wishing to achieve their goals and in search of personal or professional improvement.

    It is a mineral that comes directly from the depths of the Earth and is formed by the flow of magma caused by eruptions of volcanoes. That’s why she has great strength and a lot of energy.

    The volcanic stone carries with it change, novelty, rebirth.

    With its powerful magnetic and protective force, it has the power to absorb the surrounding negativity. Lava rock is therefore ideal for protecting against any negative energy that would be likely to harm a person (evil eye, jealousy, envy).

    This stone is said to be a lucky charm that helps in spiritual appeasement. Worn daily, for example, in the form of a lava stone bracelet, it would make you feel more serene and help focus on the important points.

    Summary of the virtues and properties of lava stone:

    • Gives strength
    • Beneficial for the gain of joy
    • Strengthens courage and self-confidence
    • Shield against negative energies
    • Support for psychological reconstruction
    • Helps to see more clearly and to know oneself
    • Acts positively on anger, frustration and irritability
    • Helps focus on the essentials and achieve goals
    • Helps to balance the mind and get rid of unnecessary thoughts
    artisanal manufacturing of silver jewelry in Italy

    Jewelry 100% Made in Italy

    By Giovanni Raspini

    Giovanni Raspini necklaces are 100% made in Italy and handcrafted. The entire collection features women's jewelry, such as necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, rings and bracelets made entirely of high-quality silver 925. The various fashion accessories are made with the greatest care in the brand's workshop located in the Arezzo, a region of Tuscany.

    Their unique and daring design makes them handcrafted creations with a clearly recognizable style. This designer jewelry is distinguished by its exceptional geometry and the excellence of the craftsmanship that stems from the great tradition of Tuscan goldsmithing.

    When the world of jewelry

    And Nature Meet

    All of the jewelry brand's pieces are crafted from the finest natural materials, such as silver, mother-of-pearl, and freshwater pearls. Some jewelry is also adorned with various natural stones in labradorite, agate, quartz, amazonite, angelite, rock crystal, opal or howlite.

    Designed with love and passion, the jewelry collection is inspired by the world around us and reflects various themes, such as nature, animals, flowers, the sea or even architecture. Much more than a simple jewel, each fashion accessory of the Giovanni Raspini selection tells a story that has lasted for 50 years.

    Around a neck, a finger, a wrist or on the ears, these beautiful silver creations for women are sure to attract all eyes.

    A unique know-how

    Powered By Passion

    The art of goldsmithing takes a lot of time and dexterity. It’s by combining unique craftsmanship and today's modern techniques that each piece of jewelry is designed from A-Z in the Italian factory.

    In this sense, each creation is first drawn on paper and transformed into a 3D wax model which will be used for the casting of the jewel by the technique of lost wax casting. It’s this very ancient artisanal technique that requires great mastery, patience and years of know-how that allows Giovanni Raspini to create jewelry of great impact and of high quality.

    Once the jewels are modeled in solid silver, they are then worked and finished one by one by hand exclusively in the workshops of the Italian company.

    Solid silver necklace with natural freshwater pearls


    A gentle touch for your jewels and our beautiful planet 🌍

    Elegant white fabric pouch Lora&Moi

    To ensure your jewelry arrives in your hands with the utmost care and attention, we carefully slip them into ultra-soft fabric pouches.

    And why choose a pouch? Well, it's :

    ▶️ A kinder gesture to our magnificent planet with minimal packaging

    ▶️ Ultra-convenient with its compact, lightweight format (ready to accompany you on all your adventures)

    ▶️ A cozy little haven to keep your jewels safe, no matter where you are

    Because precious moments deserve perfect details, we also offer you the option of presenting your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry case made in Europe (it's definitely worth mentioning 😀).

    And how to add it to my order ?

    Add it directly to your cart here below !

    It's just as simple!

    During your order, at step 3 (just after entering your address), you will find a little box "I would like gift wrapping for my order".

    Just check it and we'll be thrilled to wrap your gift with as much love as possible, promised 🙂

    Oh yes, and one last thing..! To make your gift even more special, we gladly add a little personalized note with your words.

    AND all this for free (because we love spoiling you) !


    The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

    If you encounter any issues, simply return it (we'll repair or replace it). Even after this period, contact us, and we will always find a solution.


    You can return the jewelry if it doesn't fit or meet your expectations.


    At Lora&Moi, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    If the product doesn't meet your expectations, return it, and we'll refund your purchase (but between us, that's very rare! 😀)

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